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Debt Offerings

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We are prepared to arrange an equity partner/investor with MCA lenders in the formation of a new SPV operated by the MCA lender and fund that SPV as a senior lender, thereafter. BSV's partners would invest 10% to 20% of the required equity of a newly formed MCA entity.

We work with senior lenders to MCA firms, collateralized by up to 50% of the current portfolio and equity balance sheet. We like to lend initially from US$2M to US$7M and then add-on to the facility once we have had some experience with the borrow. 

​​Equity Programs
    BLUESteel Ventures
BLUESteel specializes in facilitating relationships we have built over a lifetime in the investment banking community with MCA and alternative lenders in the fintech industry. We have customizable debt, equity and partnership programs specifically designed for the growth oriented MCA firm.

BSV's partners will entertain lending in what is legally a 'subordinated position' if we do not feel there is excessive senior loans on the books ahead of them. This type of facility will be on a case by case basis and we will have to discuss opportunities as they develop.

The MCA Capital Source

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